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NOV 08, 2018 • 1.2K

The road into Snow Canyon
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NOV 07, 2018 • 2.4K


San Diego Foodie Weekend

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NOV 07, 2018 • 200


St. George, Utah

The road into Snow Canyon

St. George, Utah: More Than Just a Gateway to Zion

I'll be honest with you: I only knew two things about St. George, Utah, prior to this year. For one, I knew it had a large Mormon population. And secondly, I associated it as one of the “gateways” to Zion National Park, since it's less than an hour away.

But that's about it.

So when St. George's tourism board invited me to visit, my interest was piqued. I've done enough traveling to know that every city, no matter its size, has something interesting to it. Not to mention that the American Southwest is my favorite part of the US. Saying yes to that invite was a no-brainer.

Pioneer Park

And what did I find in St. George? Well, as the title of this post should suggest, I found a city that's much more than just a place to stay before you visit Zion National Park.

See, Do & Eat in St. George, Utah

I had a great time in St. George. The city, sitting at the bottom of those iconic Southwestern red hills, is visually pleasing. The people were SO friendly. And even in mid-December the weather was sunny and mild.

I spent 4 days in and around St. George, which is plenty of time to get to cover all its highlights.

Here's what I think you should definitely do in St. George:


Red Hills Desert Garden
Red Hills Desert Garden

Located at the entrance to Pioneer Park (which appears in the next section of this post), the Red Hills Desert Garden is a 5-acre garden filled with thousands of cool desert plants, most of which are labeled so you know what you're looking at.

Red Hills Desert Garden

It's a neat place to wander through for half an hour or so, and the best part is that it's free to visit!

Dinosaur tracks

Utah is one of those US states that's basically a paleontologist's dream; lots of dinosaur fossils have been found all across the state. And around St. George, you can see some great examples of preserved dinosaur footprints. The bet place to start is the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm, where you can see tons of (real) fossilized dino footprints.

Dinosaur footprint fossil

The small museum sits on the site of a prehistoric lake, and the star is definitely a huge preserved dinosaur trackway and several large, detailed fossilized footprints. This site is easy to access and kid-friendly.

The largest in-tact dinosaur trackway ever collected.

OR, if you want to see some dinosaur tracks “in the wild,” there are two sites near St. George where you can hike to see fossilized dino tracks. One is the Dino Cliffs Trail in Washington, UT, and the other is the Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks site near Hurricane, UT.


Visit Pioneer Park
Climbing rocks in Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a 52-acre free community park up in the red hills above St. George. The park is basically a giant playground – but we're not talking swing sets and slides here. The red rocks themselves are the playground, and you're encouraged to hike and climb in them.

I spent a fun morning here exploring little slot canyons and climbing up to a tiny arch overlooking the whole park.


I'm definitely *not* a foodie – I don't travel with food in mind, and generally don't write food guides about the places I visit. But this wouldn't really be a “see, do & eat” guide if I didn't list some of my St. George favorites!

I definitely think you should check out:

Swig – This drive-through soda shop is known for its “dirty soda” (i.e. soda with shots of flavored syrup added to it) and giant pink-frosted sugar cookies. There's pretty much always a line at the drive-thru, and it was a fun local spot to try. (The “Endless Summer” is pretty good!)

Black Bear Diner – If you're looking for a cozy, rustic spot with super-nice staff, head to the Black Bear Diner. They serve up American comfort food, including all-day breakfast!

Riggatti's Pizza – Located on Main Street in St. George's cute downtown area, Riggatti's is an unpretentious spot serving up delicious wood-fired pizza. If you go for lunch, they have a special of a personal-sized pizza and drink.

Cliffside Restaurant – For a more upscale meal, you can't beat the Cliffside Restaurant, with its sweeping views out over St. George. The food is delicious, and the portion sizes actually are finish-able. You'll need reservations on weekends, or be willing to sit outside on the patio.

Outdoor patio at the Cliffside Restaurant Article/Image Source

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Michael Thor Profile

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